About us

When styles and eclecticism from Ancient Greece meet inspiration and mastery, the result can only be unique. This is what gave life to handmade OLYMPIAN SANDALS.

The concept of OLYMPIAN SANDALS was born when Maria Stathopoulos became a mother. To Maria, fashion is not just a temporary popular style, fashion has its own life. Maria needed quality shoes that were comfortable, stylish, and in tune with current fashion trends. Maria was interested in making an effortless fashion statement. She wanted shoes that could be enjoyed during the day, but that could also be worn in the evening for a special event.

This rare combination was difficult to achieve. Maria wanted to reconcile versatility, style and comfort all in one shoe. She wished to combine it all to create a beautiful shoe with a unique charm.

This is how the OLYMPIAN SANDALS collection idea took shape. One of a kind designs marry the art of Ancient Greece with the contemporary needs of women.

Our handcrafted luxury Greek sandals are made of exceptional quality leather, meticulously designed, using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation for centuries.

In our latest collection, some of our sandals can even be worn in different ways and changed into different styles. This innovative shoes combine elegance and convenience, which all modern-day women will enjoy.

Maria Stathopoulou

CEO, Olympian Sandals